What to Wear to a Job Interview

There is a time for sartorial flair and there is a time for job interviews. Give yourself the best chance at landing the position by checking out these tips.


Dress for the Role

This is the golden rule: your outfit should look as if you already work there. 

If you are going for a job interview at the local pub, don't dress like you are going for a position at Goldman Sachs, and vice versa.

It’s important to not let your ensemble take more attention than the words you are saying.

Suit and Shirt

The safest choice is a navy, charcoal or grey suit.

Choose a crisp white or light blue shirt.

Save the loud colours and patterns for Flemington.

Leave the three piece for another occasion too.

A job interview is a time to look conservative and non-offensive.


Wear a Tie

Wear a tie! Don’t pick anything too outrageous for the interview.

A blue tie signals being safe, a red tie signals power.

Stick to a simple navy tie or black tie for a clean and sophisticated look.

Consider a different texture such as a knit for a little more character.


Go easy with the accessories!

No lapel flower, no bracelets, no hats, gloves or sunglasses hanging from your top pocket.

If you’re rolling into a job interview wearing a Rolex Submariner, it might send the message you have cash… and therefore might not need the job.

It could also signal success and might help your cause - it’s just something to consider.

A pocketsquare is okay, just tone it down with colours.

Go for a single fold rather than a construction that looks like the Sydney Opera House exploding from your top pocket.

You can play around with your accessories but don't go overboard.



Brown or black brogues, monks, or loafers are best WITH neutral socks.

There's nothing worse than seeing a great ensemble ruined by dirty or scuffed shoes. 

Make sure you give your wheels a quick once over and shine them before the interview.

Attention to detail is everything.



Make sure you get a fresh haircut around a week before the interview.

Depending on the role, you should either clean shave your face or a run neat beard.

Take care of any hair around your ears, nose, and neck.

Running a well maintained set up makes you look more organised and reliable for the interview.

Gradually Introduce Style

Once you get the role, you can start to introduce a bit more character and flair through your ensembles, particularly if your work has casual Fridays.

However, for the interview, don't let your ensemble intrude on your first impression. Let it make one.