How to Look After Your Suit

A tailored merino wool suit is one of the best investments you can make. Caring for your suit the right way is very important if you want the garment to last for years to come. These are SD’s essential tips on how to look after your suit.


1. Use a Wood Hanger

Always use a wood hanger with wide support across the shoulders. Let your bag of fruit hang in a cool dry place, ideally in a suit bag.


2. Rotate Your Suits

You need a couple of suits in rotation so you don’t blow out your new kit in 6 months. All of the garments in your rotation will last longer if you can spread out their use. Do NOT wear your new beloved tailored suit everyday. Work on building a yourself a versatile sartorial wardrobe, instead of flogging that one good suit to death.

If you have a tendency to blow out the crotch quickly, consider an extra pair of trousers. Once you start to see the fabric shine around the knees, elbow and seat, that’s a key indication that it’s time for a new kit.


3. Fresh Air

Let your suit get some fresh air every now and then. To remove odours place it outside on a hanger overnight. Make sure the suit protected in a suit bag and under cover, obviously. You don’t want possum sh*t on your brand new VBC cloth.


4. Stains

They’re often unavoidable. If you spill red wine do NOT try and remove it yourself. Take it to the dry cleaner asap, they can often take care of stains much better than you. However..

5. Avoid Dry Cleaning

If you must have it dry cleaned, no more than 2-3 times per year maximum. Dry cleaning often is the fastest way to destroy your suit.


6. Steam

Have your suit steamed instead of dry cleaned. You can do the ‘hanging the suit in a steaming hot bathroom for 10 mins’ trick, or invest in a steaming machine to refresh your kit every so often. A worthwhile investment for any dapper man. Steam will remove wrinkles more effectively than anything else.

Protect Your Investment

Ultimately if you’re investing in a made-to-measure suit, you’re investing in your own image. Therefore you want that investment to continue to bring you returns for a long time. You’ll get the most of the garment for as long as possible if you simply follow these essential tips on how to look after your suit.