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Premium Fabrics

We source our fabrics from Italy & the UK, respectively. BUT the vast majority of the raw wool comes from Australia, which we use as much as possible.

Dugdale Bros are a family owned cloth mill from in the centre of Yorkshire's worsted wool industry despatching fine cloth from Huddersfield, UK. 

Vitale Barberis Cononico (VBC) were established in 1663 in the northern Biella region of Italy. They have remained a family owned business for 15 generations and they produce Woolmark Gold certified fabric.

More Fabrics: Drago, Cerruti, Dormeuil, Huddersfield, Filarte & Zenga.


Sam will expertly guide you through the designs to find your own style.

We have the most extensive choice of customisable details on the market.


Samuel Diamond has hand-picked the worlds finest artisans to work with. We utilise world leading laser technology to cut our fabrics in China, which results in an extremely precise fitting garment. 

The final adjustments are done locally in Melbourne by expert tailors with over 80 years of combined experience.

SD garments include the finest details of menswear such as hand-sewn Milanese buttonholes and Neapolitan shoulders. We value craftsmanship above all else and have hand-sewn details in every suit.

Our made-to-measure tailoring is a global process process that offers the most value without any compromise on quality.

Above the quality of the finish - I found a good friend in Sam, the kind of bloke you’d just have a beer with. I asked every menswear question under the sun from the most basic to the most challenging in style choices, ideas, opinions and trends and he was always honest, genuine and above all incredibly humble and modest. He’s a guy that seriously loves the work, loves the industry and has a genuine passion for seeing people see the best version of themselves.
— Ajit, Melbourne
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